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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 23, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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. >> trouble on the bay coming up on kpix5. ,,,, [uncle]this is hopscotch,okay? uncle go one,two,one,two,one two,one. [niece]okay! [uncle]okay? [niece]one,two three,four,five,six,seven,eight! [uncle laughing] okay,we go the other way,okay? [niece]one,two,three,four,five, six,seven! [uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah?
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>> this is kpix5 news. >> i lost my daughter, don't want to lose my son. >> a teen mom shot and killed, the suspect, her little brother. >> the family tells joe vasquez it started with a fight over laundry. >> it all started around noon today. >> reporter: several people tell me a brother and a sister were fighting. the brother upset that the sister put too much bleach on his clothes. >> they were just kids. brothers and sisters arguing. >> reporter: that fight turned to gunfire and mario tolliver cannot believe it. police are not serging for the
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14-year-old brother as are his family members. >> trying to find out or catch up with him. he doesn't have a cell phone. trying to catch up with him is impossible. i don't want the police to find him. they are calling him armed and dangerous. he says he doesn't have the gun anymore. >> reporter: family members say justice was raising a little girl after recently going back to school. >> she is going to be deeply missed because she was a very loving young lady. and this is my great granddaughter, her daughter, right here. and she is going to miss her mother. >> please call me, son. i love you. we all love you. i know it was an accident, a mistake. [bleep] happens, you are 14, you have a long life ahead of you. >> reporter: oakland police have not released the name or the description of the 14-year- old, but they say they are looking for him in connection with the murder of his sister.
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in oakland, joe vasquez, kpix5. take a look at this. it may be the worst parking job of all time. this was spotted bobbing in the bay near alameda about 6:30. it was pulled out of the water. took divers hours to figure out how to get it out of the water. the owner says he parked the car, ran to the bathroom, and came out to this. >> once we were on scene, we were able to determine that the car was easy to access. the driver showed up a little bit later so it wasn't quite as mysterious. >> police are investigating whether this may be a case of insurance fraud. no surprise, the car is a total loss. hercules police want you to take a good look at some dash cam video. they are trying to find the driver behind this hit and run. it is on the left side there. you can see a pedestrian in the crosswalk on willow avenue get hit by a dark colored suv.
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the driver gets out and asks the driver if he is okay. he then takes off. the 70-year-old who was hit is out of the hospital now. we are getting a clear picture of what happened inside an apartment where bart sergeant tommy smith was shot by his body armor. but andria borba shows us that was not enough to save his life. >> reporter: that body armor covers a lot. those bullet proof vests protect them. but they do leave some vulnerable points. an expert tells kpix5 those points may be the key to figuring out exactly what happened inside of a dublin apartment on tuesday. when the alameda county coroner revealed he died in a gunshot wound to the chest, don cambrin
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was not surprised. the vests are cut to give them maximum mobility. but it leaves kevlar free zones that are obvious and well known. >> it was like this. so i have an exposed area up here. i have the shoulder area exposed. as soon as i bring my arms up to a firearm position, it exsupposes my chest. >> reporter: where the bullet struck smith will explain what happened inside this apartment on tuesday. it is all about trajectory. >> if i was working behind you, and you suddenly turned, one direction, i turned up my side panel and shot, it should be accidental. i could bump into something. the trigger could catch on a piece of my equipment. >> reporter: the second option shows the possibility they arrived at the robbery suspect's apartment to find the door unlocked leaving the officers spooked and on edge. >> if you have a 90-degree shot, i would say it was
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probably a misidentification or a surprise. there is nothing you do when you are doing a search or a warn entry that puts two officers facing one another. >> andria borba, kpix5. well things got emotional at the bart board meeting. >> thank you. i wonder if we could just take a breath and a moment of silence in memory of our fallen police sergeant tommy smith. his family, and those impacted by the shooting. >> bart's police chief also paid tribute. the funeral for the sergeant is set for next wednesday in castro valley. you can find up to the minute developments on this story on well, if you haven't heard it by now, you will shortly. surf's up. monster waves are pounding the california coast as we speak. and the best surfers are making
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their way to the bay area for mavericks. betty yu caught up with a couple of surfers. they are ready to go aren't they. >> reporter: they sure are ken. one of those surfers said a clean ride can last a length of four football fields in under a minute. we are talking about jaw dropping dangerous waves and conditions and they are ready for it. and so are the fans. they will be watching audiotape of the action tomorrow on jumbotrons. the beauty of half-moon bay will surface tomorrow for the surfen competition. the waves will be bigger sand re. surfing pros know these can mean a real beating. >> it would be crazy to say we are not scared, me especially. this is a place i have a lot of experience. it is power catapulted.
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if you don't have a good round, you might be out of the sport or worse. and we all know what we are messing with. it doesn't make a lot of sense, but we love it. >> reporter: tomorrow's waves are expected to be at least 40 feet tall. that is about the height of our live truck with its mast up. we know the surfers have to deal with a lot more than just uncredible heights. >> it is more like snow boarding with the mountain lifting so if i were to hop off the ski lift and as you look down, turn the mountain on its side and just throw you off. >> reporter: 24 invited surfers from around the world will compete for a $12,000 prize and much more. >> all these guys that come here have that thirst for the edge. they love the power. they love the risk. >> reporter: and surfers say yes, you need skill, but a lot of luck on your side to win this thing you can see behind
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me, we are setting up the stage where the awards ceremony will be held. live in half-moon day, betty yu, kpix5. and the thing you should remember is leave this to the professionals. the reason why it is starting tomorrow is because the surf is going to be rough. it is the same reason you may not want to go to the water. from sonoma county to monterrey peninsula, waving are building to 13 feet. the rip current risk will be high. if you are going in the water, use extreme caution. these guys won't, because they are doing mavericks. 24 best in the world. 64 degrees with partly cloudy skies for day one of mavericks. if you want to watch it, we are taking it to you. go to our website,, and you can watch live. san jose is trying to do more to bring the oakland as to the south bay. they are accusing major league baseball with interfering with
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san jose's economy by blocking the move. it could be months before a court rules on that case. and tonight, we are hearing from a woman whose daughter was a victim of a notorious revenge porn website. the site cease former owner has been charged with stealing nude photos and posting them online. the damage cost victims so much. >> she was truly devastated. she locked herself in her room and lost an actress job. i think it is horrible they get their jollies out of victimizing people. >> the men face up to five years in prison in convicted. only on kpix5, the new warning from the feds about the dangers of fracking oil coming to the bay area. >> and the new fee you will
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have to pay at the grocery center if lawmakers get their way. >> and could getting arrested get justin bieber thrown out of the country? ,,,,,,,,
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wreckage won't be cleared ul at least tomorrow. 15 big rigs >> white out conditions cause this big pile up in indiana. wreckage won't be cleared until at least tomorrow. 15 big rigs jackknifed and collided with dozens of other cars. at least three people were skill and there is fear more may still be trapped in the wreckage. we have been telling you about the fight to keep highly exposed fracked oil out of the bay area. now there is a new warning from the feds. >> reporter: a run away train derails across the u.s. canada border in july and explodes. 47 people die in an inferno
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created by the highly flammable fracked oil the train was carrying. the safety board officials investigating the accident just released a report saying to keep accidents like this one from happening again, something has to change. or else major loss of life and property damage and environmental consequences can occur. people from pittsburgh and others are fighting to keep this barrels coming in a day including this very oil that fueled the explosion in canada. >> these are like bombs on railroad tracks. >> reporter: railroad officials know the danger. in november, the president of the association of american railroads suggested the industry build stronger tankers to cut down on accidents. >> we are recommending that all new tank cars designed to move flammable liquids be built to higher standards.
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>> >> reporter: today, they suggested the train had new routes to avoid populated area and do a better job of classifying hazardous cargo. railroad officials say they are working with the feds on these recommendations. they released a statement saying they endorse the changes. in pittsburgh, christin ayers, kpix5. >> and experts estimate that crude oil production will reach eight-and-a-half million barrels per day in the u.s. by the end of the year. pretty soon, the whole state could be plastic bagless. california lawmakers compromised on a bill. if you want a paper bag, you will have to pay ten cents. if passed the law would kick in next july and expand to pharmacies and also liquor stores. a marin county teenager who thought he could get away with anything has just been sent away for life. a high school newspaper
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photographer snapped these photos as max wade learned his fate. life plus 21 years. he was convicted of attempted murder and a show down with a rival and stealing celebrity chef guy fieri's lamborghini. >> it is sad for someone like this young to do this. but he planned it out very carefully. much more carefully than many adult offenders would have seen. >> on the sentencing issue, there very well could be an appeal. >> max wade is 19. his attorney expects it will be at least 15 years before he is eligible for parole. the twitter verse is going crazy. there are dualing cash tags out there. free bieber and deport bieber. >> he is out on bail tonight after being arraigned on a dui charge. this could just be the begins of his legal problems. >> we love you justin
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>> reporter: justin bieber left jail in miami and got on a car to wave to fans. he was pulled over for speeding and driving under the influence with an expires license and a resisted arrest. a neighbor complained bieber egged his house. former nfl star and current neighbor keshawn johnson said they finally caught him. no kids on the street. everyone grows up at some point. hopefully, he learns from it. twitter lit up with the hash tag deport bieber. one poster tweeted deport bieber is trending in the u.s. and keep bieber is trending in canada. a petition to the white house already has 3,000 signatures. deport justin bieber. >> he has privilege and thinks he is invincible. >> reporter: bieber is canadian
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and has a performer's visa. >> he has made an admission to drug use which could be problematic. i think the egging charge is a problem. vandalism is a crime involving moral. that could be a problem for him. >> reporter: he would have to be convicted first and he has the best lawyers money can buy. still, he may have some problems trying to renew his visa down the road. if he wants to apply for permanent residency, he has to be careful. >> reporter: the department of homeland security would have to move to deport him. he would have to undergo proceedings and that is if he is convicted of a felony. in los angeles, serene branson, kpix5. >> what is going on in the world? it is snowing like crazy in the east, we can't get rain. bieber is getting arrested. >> i don't think canada wants
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him. >> they stay to keep him. >> there is some trending going on. >> oh, justin bieber. >> so go, rain, where is it? >> it is coming. it is coming. hang on with me. live look. not coming tonight or tomorrow. we have clear skies and nothing on the radar, but that has been the case for the month. driest january ever. you knew that already. but the fire danger is extreme right now. through mid afternoon tomorrow, anywhere above 1,000 feet will have gusty winds. we will have the low very dry soil. so you throw in the wind and you have critical fire dangerment all of the bay area above 1,000 feet. this picture is crazy. the top of the ridge of high pressure is not over the bay area where it should be. not over seattle or vancouver, it is north of british columbia. it is warmer in anchorage,
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alaska than it is in jackson, mississippi. there is a low ridge. we will not get the rail, but lit be keel and cloudier because of that low. then the ridge comes back and it is going to be bigger and stronger than ever. next week, fore get about record highs. we will be close to 80 degrees by the middle of next week which is about 25 degrees above average. tonight, partly cloudy, a mixture of son of clouds. it is not going to be chilly. because these are the highs. san jose, 68 #. south bay, 66. fremont, 67. 67 in danville and antioch. 67 in san francisco tomorrow. san rafael, 68. napa, 70 and cloverdale, 70. those are your chilliest highs for the week in january. sunny, warm over the weekend.
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right around 70 degrees. warmer on monday and tuesday. now this forecast went out to eight days. i would have rain in the forecast. coming up next friday. that is when it looks like the pattern will change before the end of the month. perhaps january 31. we may see a little rainfall around here. >> all right. we will take it. >> fingers crossed. >> next you will tell me bears are running loose. >> bears are running loose. wait until you see what he did when one reporter got too close. [ laughter ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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told you about earlier toda. at was found >> a happy ending to a story we first told you about earlier today. this pink puppy found abandoned in palo alto has just been adopted. the peninsula humane society said they had more than 100 offers. so what would you do if you came face to face with a bear? >> one reporter in la had a pretty close call tonight. take a look. >> in the middle of our interview with the sierra madre resident whose yard was invaded by the cub. that same california bear showed up just after 5:00. looking for food. we watched as he tried to get inside this locked trash bin.
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after a few attempts, he gave up. then followed our camera. we slowly backed up. went inside our van. and he even managed to peek inside. but he did not stop there. the cub continued to roam through this neighborhood on fair point street for one hour searching for trash bins that were easily accessible. the cub had a feast for some time here. at times, he had his entire body inside the bin munches away. we even managed to see him leave with some food within minutes, fishing game showed up doing their best to move him out. there were several attempts made using a nonlethal hazing technique. bean bag rounds created a pain stimulus effect to get the cub out. >> this guy, the little guy, it is his first year on his own. mom kicked him out this year. he didn't have the knowledge to
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get back up into the hills. >> he is just trying to figure it out. get back into the hills. >> you know what he said to those reporters? >> what did he say? >> put out that cigarette. [ laughter ] i just know. >> i thought you were going back to your yogi bear. >> who was president the last time the warriors had a starter in the all-star game? and, anyone who knows the name of the sharks bakeapple goalie gets a date with juliette. that's next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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winnepeg hasn't lost a game under their new coach paul maurice.. the e >> the jets came to the tank tonight with a great west side story. winnipeg has not lost a a game under their new coach since the clinton administration. but there was no offense midway through the third period until justin braun flipped it back in the net. joe pavelski. sharks win 1-0. alex stalock
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gets his second straight shut- out. >> is that big joe or little joe? >> little joe pavelski. it was not long ago, steph curry's claim to fame was his chronically injured ankles. now he becomes the first warrior since al gore invented the internet to go to the all- star games. he gets more votes than any player in the western conference and mark jackson is not surprised. >> you see how popular he is. >> yes, especially when the fans push us out of the way and try to get to steph. it is a humbling experience. [ laughter ] >> look, she just saw justin bieber's mug shot. can you believe it? stanford and ucla and west wood. the dunk. parker had a career high of 22. bruins win 91-74. stanford drops to 12 and 6 overall. former cardinal white out doug
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baldwin gets a chance to compete after sledding the 49ers in seattle. baldwin was not drafted out of college. and one member of the national media said he was sub far because of that. here is the top five. >> let's be honest. everybody has their opinion. doesn't mean their opinion is an intelligent one. to me, i think that is a ridiculous statement. appreciate you updating me on that. [ laughter ] >> before exgame snow mobile free style. colton moore takes it. crazy. crazy. a one shot lead. tori pines hark is him with the hat and here is him without the hat. now i'm all for tan lines but stewart, keep the hat on. number two, denver and utah state hockey. aggies goalie gives up the goal because he was talking to the
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crowd. justin bieber with make up on the left. without it on the right. >> actually, that is miley cyrus ton right. >> that is his mug shot? smiling? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> no, that was justin bieber's. >> yeah. she said he was smiling, not miley. >> yeah. >> there he is. >> we will be right back.
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our next newscast is tomorr morning at 4-30. >> thanks for watching. david letterman is next. >> our next newscast is
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tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> ly be here. >> sure. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, broadcasting across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs and now, the subject of an unauthorized autobiography, david letterman ( cheers and applause )


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